Is CBD Safe To Use Daily?

Great question! Yes, CBD is very safe to use, however, like anything in life, moderation is key. Also be sure to speak to your health care professional, as everyone is unique and it is important that you get sound medical advice from your doctor.

With that said, yes it is safe and actually for most people, it is really a wonderful way to increase overall health, decrease anxiety, and generally improve quality of life.

This video shares how daily CBD use will impact the body:

Now that we know it is safe for most people to use daily, let’s see what everyone’s (certainly my) favorite podcaster, Joe Rogan and what he thinks about the benefits of CBD:

One of the main questions I get, is from people who use CBD for sleep. And yes, just like any other use of cannabidiol, it is safe to use every day to help with sleep:

CBD is safe for sleep.