Do Testosterone Boosters Like Spartagen XT Work?

There has always been a great debate in the fitness world of whether or not testosterone boosters actually work or not. Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in the male and female bodies and sex organs. As we age we find that most males will find a decrease in their individual testosterone levels, causing less muscle mass, weaker sex drive, and other such road blocks men don’t like to deal with. How does taking a testosterone booster help the individual level out these issues and reduce the risk of them becoming re-occurring events?

A testosterone booster acts either as a supplement to infuse chemical compositions and vitamins into your body that fire up this anabolic steroid that is your individual testosterone. Yes, you read that correctly, testosterone is indeed an anabolic steroid that is naturally produced in your body. When you are younger your body is producing this steroid at a naturally higher rate because you are still finding stability in your metabolism, diet, and even your workout regimens. As your metabolism slows as you age, so goes your testosterone. Your body uses more effort to produce these two natural occurrences and spends less attention on them. Therefore maintaining both your metabolism and testosterone can kind of work hand in hand.


Adding a testosterone booster to your supplemental diet should not be considered without first consulting a physician, being over the age of 25, or if you notice signs of less sex drive, weaker muscles and joints, and other such compelling factors. Your body still produces testosterone every day no matter how old you are, so you only need to use these boosters to help regulate your body’s natural testosterone levels or find an anti-estrogen type supplement that takes from the estrogen in a male’s body making room for more testosterone production. Use them in moderation as well (as said with any supplement). They can be beneficial when used with a vigorous workout routine and results can be seen, but keep in mind you can take the supplement and expect the results; you have to put the work in as well.

Testosterone boosters really do work and can be effective, but that should also be commented on a case-by-case basis. They are going to have a different effect on different body types, sizes, and shapes. To increase your chances of it having the effects you want, you are going to want to take a few things into consideration:

* Shorten your workouts. Go for more power and less reps. You want to build up to these boosters being effective, but you have to increase you input to get the desired output.
* Eat right and use in combination with a healthy diet. Still continue to consume your normal low fat foods (chicken breast, fish, etc.) and combine the use of boosters at the right times of the day. Recommended use is before breakfast and/or after dinner (specifically right around bed time).
* Don’t expect immediacy. Results come from prolonged usage and prolonged attempts to improve your fitness and diet as well. It’s essentially a two-step process with testosterone boosters. You have to put in an individual effort and then the effects will take shape after you put forth said effort.

An argument could also be made that testosterone boosters do not work, but those arguments are derived from individuals who expect immediacy and/or are taking them at the wrong times/age levels. There has to be a bodily need for the extra testosterone you are looking to infuse, otherwise you are putting your body in harm’s way and could face serious medical/health problems in your future if you use them without a need. Make sure you have an established and proficient health regiment already in place before prescribing yourself towards usage. Enjoy all those muscle gains and extra sex drives you missed before once all the work is put in and the results start to take form.